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Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 - what does the future look like?

You could recently read reviews of different flavours of Ubuntu 17.04 on Linux notes from DarkDuck blog: Ubuntu MATE, Kubuntu, Lubuntu.And you all remember the recent announcement…

The Linux Virus: how it can be

Downloaded the virus for Linux.Unzipped it.Installed it under root.It didn`t start. Spent 2 hours googling. Realised that the virus instead of /usr/local/bininstalled itself into /usr/bin...

Why Is Linux More Secure Than Windows?

When choosing an operating system, there are many different factors that are taken into consideration. However, security is becoming increasingly important. You only need to look at...

Ubuntu MATE 17.04 - Fast Forward to the Past

Linux notes from DarkDuck has recently published reviews of two of the most popular flavours of the Ubuntu 17.04 family: Lubuntuand Kubuntugot most of the orders from BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk...

Solus - how far will it go?

Solus is not a new operating system for this blog. There were a couple of reviews of Solus OS 1.2 back in 2012, one of them I wrote myself while another was a guest post.However, there...

Lubuntu 17.04 - simple evolution

Some of you may find it bizarre, but BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk, the commercial arm of this blog Linux notes from DarkDuck really gets orders for disks with different operating systems. We recently...

Kubuntu 17.04 - the next generation

As usual, every April and October are the months when many people in the Linux community wait for the new releases of their favourite operating systems.Canonical released the newest...

Why Choose Linux Operating System?

Linux is a free operating system that anyone can download and install on their computers. It`s one of the top five platforms used in the world, and yet most people don`t understand...

Linux-friendly Yandex.Disk - get 32 GB additional free storage

Yandex.Disk is one of the most Linux-friendly platform for cloud file storage.Linux notes from DarkDuck had published a how-to guide for running Yandex.Disk application on your Linux...

The theater of Linux distributions

Linux notes from DarkDuck has recently published an article with a very interesting classification of Linux distributions.I’ll add one more: the Theater distros.Like a play in a theater...

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