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Kevin R Smith, CEO CRYPTO Pi fund


Key qualifications:
• Over 30 years of experience working in the international business development and financial services sector both for the private and public sectors having worked for a number of international banks, then for the British Government helping to develop the financial services sector in the emerging markets of CEE and, most recently, as an International Finance & Business Consultant.

• Work experience in some 40 countries, with a particular focus on the CIS region and other emerging economies around the world including sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Asia.

• Experience running and participating in Government advisory projects covering areas such as Regulation, Government Oversight, Micro/SME Development, International Best Practice, Capacity Building, and Anti-Corruption in sectors such as banking and insurance, capital markets, State Owned Enterprises and other parts of the financial sector as well as a big focus on developing the Micro and SME sectors.

• Working with MSMEs / SMEs in developing the sector and in developing individual companies, including obtaining finance and sourcing the most suitable products/markets. Also working in developing microfinance lending institutions and making funding more obtainable.

• Recently passed (Merit) an MSc in Global Management that focused on broadening access to finance in M/SMEs in emerging economies. The dissertation drew on both personal experience and an in depth study of international best practice and experience in numerous markets worldwide. Conclusions drawn and recommendations made for how best to develop the sector. Also attended Oxford University Said Business School to complete the Fintech Programme.

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2 месяца назад
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