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How to Use Siri Voice Generator on Mac & Windows

Siri Voice

The Siri voice generator is a great tool, whether you are looking for a sinister robot voice or just a funny text to speech sound.

In contemporary life, mobile phones are likely to be a factor in any content you wish to create portraying the world.

You Tubers, TV shows, and Hollywood have tried a variety of ways to show text, but what if you want to show a text to speech, voice generated by Siri?

You can easily do this with a Mac. It's also free!

Even if you don't own a Mac there are still a few ways to get that personal assistant sound without spending any money. Keep reading to learn how!

How To Use Siri Voice Generator On Mac

You simply ask Siri to say anything you want, no matter if you have a laptop or a desktop machine.

You have to use an app called Terminal to get Siri to say anything you want. The Terminal is pre-installed with every Mac computer.

Some people think the terminal is technical, but it's an easy-to-use program! To open Terminal search for it in Launchpad.

Typing "Say" and then what you want Siri to say is simple, and it takes only a couple of seconds.Siri will now speak back to you in that classic, automated voice!

How to change how Siri sounds

The Siri voice in each country is unique, but you can easily change how Siri sounds.

How To Use An Online Text To Speech Siri Voice Generator

You can still record Siri's voice even without a Mac using an online text-to-voice generator.Several of these online text to speech converters have Siri voice samples on hand.

This software uses the automated voice 'ENGLISH, UK, DANIEL'.When searching for the voice in the drop-down menu, simply search for 'ENGLISH, US, SAMANTHA'.

Among others, natural readers (which is free) are Read Speaker, iSpeech, and Wideo.

How To Record a Siri Voice Generator

We have to find a way of recording Siri's speech now that it can read any script we give it.

However, this requires downloading a bit of software (free).

Install Blackhole from Existential Audio to record Siri.

With this software, you can reroute audio between applications.

With Siri, you can perform voice rerouting, and record the robot voice in a program of your choice.

Blackhole is pretty straightforward to use once you have it installed. Just use it to send your audio from your system to your video or audio editor.

First, select the Blackhole audio output option in System Preferences > Sound.

If you are using any software to record audio, you need to set Blackhole as the audio input.

You can find it under Preferences (Cmd + , ) > Audio.

I created this video with Adobe Premiere Pro, however, you'll be able to do the same thing in any video editing software like DaVinci Resolve, Sony Vegas, Avid Media Composer, and Final Cut Pro X.

These same techniques apply to most audio editors and DAWs, including Audacity, Logic Pro X, Reason, Adobe Audition, etc.

The audio will be recorded into your software of choice. You can use either your online Siri voice generator or Terminal.

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