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Collect Robux By Selling Clothes On Roblox

No doubt Roblox is one of the most beloved gaming platforms over the globe. It might have millions of everyday active users but, only a few are aware to design clothes in Roblox and, earn a good amount of Robux, so you are able to convert Robux into USD.

If you too are one of those users then don’t worry, in this article, we will walk you through how to design clothes, how to sell them to get lots of Robux, and lastly how to calculate Robux using tools. If you are an enthusiastic Roblox fan then you must understand the importance of having designer clothes.

For the inexperienced, it is a cloth that differentiates you from the rest of the users in Roblox. If you are having a problem designing a beautiful dress then keep reading this post.

Roblox permits you to design a shirt, T-shirt, and pants. It should be noted that you can’t design a shirt and pants in Roblox without having its Premium Membership. Designing a t-shirt, on the other hand, does not require you to have a Premium Membership in Roblox.

How To Design Clothes On Roblox?

Explaining how to formulate clothes in Roblox is a little complicated. However, we will describe every step in the easiest way possible. Those who want to know how to design clothes on Roblox should follow these simple steps: Advertisement Select and open the template that you have preferred for your cloth.

The template will assist you to design your cloth in terms of the colors and the state of the character.

Shirt Template:

Pant Template:

Here are all colors of the template and what they represent:

  • LightBlue: It shows a part of the shoulder and the shirt’s upper appearance.
  • DarkBlue: It shows a part of the back and shirt’s back appearance.
  • Red: It shows a part of the chest and arm’s front appearance.
  • Green: It shows a side look of the shirt and arms.
  • Yellow: It shows the inside of the arms.
  • Orange: It shows a part of the arms from below.

Note: Make assured the dimension of your image should not be exceeded the perfect dimension — 585 pixels wide and 559 pixels tall, you would not be able to upload your avatar on Roblox.

How To Upload Clothes To Roblox?

Uploading clothes to Roblox is a direct way. To do upload it to Roblox, you just require to go to the ‘Create’ menu and then search for the ‘Shirts’ option. There, you will see a box where you will have to set a name.

Now, click on the ‘Browse’ button and locate the folder where you have saved your created thing. Choose that item and upload it to Roblox. Once uploaded, you can now go to the character editor and provide the clothes you have made.

Trade Clothes On Roblox

Once you have created your clothes in Roblox, you have a choice to sell them for a good price. To trade clothes in Roblox, you require to head to the Create menu and picked Shirts. There, you will have all of the shirts you have created.

When you click on a gear displaying at the far right side of each row, you will be taken to a page, where you can put a description and cost that you want a particular shirt to be sold. Make assured to put a price between 10 and 50 Robux.

Irrespective of the price you put in, you will just get 70% percent of the cost or the remaining 30% will go to Roblox. That’s everything you require to understand regarding how to make clothes, upload, and sell on Roblox.

 Calculate Robux In USD

Calculate your Robux in USD using our calculator. A tool that automatically turns the current Robux currency value, to its value worth in dollars. The estimation for 1 Robux to USD is worth $0.0125. Note that this calculator does not involve any bonus Robux that may be earned from purchasing more Robux at a time.

While using Robux to USD converter, the user can relax regarding the result’s accuracy and authenticity. Therefore, using this calculator is the most simple and handy way of knowing the real value of your Robux that you got while enjoying the game.

Robux to money converter gives you a convenient and effective way to convert your Robux to USD with all the details necessary to start the redemption of your Robux. To make money you have sufficient Robux in your pocket. So, let’s see some genuine ways to get Robux.


This article is all about how to get Robux in Roblox by selling clothes! If you have a creative mind and having designing skills then this post was really helpful for getting a good amount of Robux.

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