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ABRT-Mangrove CEO Camp 2.0. Value-add


Как важно быть ... экспертом

Steve Blank. Four steps to the epiphany: "Here’s an example: I once worked in a startup building a new type of supercomputer. One of the markets we had picked was the arcane field of production geology. Since I knew nothing about the field, I realized before I could even hire a domain expert to manage
this market, I needed to get educated in depth. I traveled to all the petroleum geology trade shows and conferences, I spoke to customer after customer to understand their needs. I spent days in the Houston petroleum engineering library. Just when I thought I knew enough to fake it as a technical expert in this area, I convinced Chevron’s La Habra research center to allow me to offer their research group a two-hour course on the use of graphics supercomputers in petroleum applications. I promised it wouldn’t be a sales pitch, just an update on what advances were occurring in computing that were relevant to petroleum geologists. In front of an audience of 30 or so, I spoke about the state of the art in computational reservoir simulation and what could be accomplished on the new class of machines that were coming from companies like ours.
During the question-and-answer session my heart was in my
throat, since my depth of knowledge, like any good marketer, was no more than one level away from being a complete idiot. At the end of the talk, the head of the research facility approached me and said, “That was a great presentation. We’re glad your company hired real petroleum engineers to come speak to us. We hate it when the sales and marketing types show up and try to get us to buy something.” For one of the few times in my life I was at a loss for words, and I was completely unprepared for what came next. “Here’s my card. If you ever want to consider a career in Chevron research, we’d be happy to talk to you.” That’s what I mean by understanding your potential
customers and problems in sufficient depth." (c)

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ABRT-Mangrove СEO Camp – 8 недель интенсивной работы в Санкт-Петербурге и Кремниевой Долине для амбициозных CEO и основателей ИТ-компаний из России, стран СНГ и Европы. Результатом станет значительное увеличение продаж, новые заказчики и партнеры на международном рынке.

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