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My First Beer: How I Used A Fake ID to Buy Liquor in San Diego on a Date

As every college student seems to learn sometime in the middle of their first year, college campuses on weekends tend to be the bastions of freedom. It’s our time to unwind from the hard work and toil we have put up with for five straight days.

Besides, it’s time to take a break from the bag of chips and the cup of noodles we eat religiously from Monday through Friday. Most of us stash our cash away in anticipation for the weekend, but there’s one thing you can never truly prepare for: the booze attack.

Getting liquor in my city wasn’t notoriously difficult, but there had been a couple of instances where underage college students were caught drinking thanks to a fake ID. Being in possession of a fake ID counts as misdemeanor and carries with it about a year in jail time.

There was no way I was going to mess up my time at UC Berkley with a misdemeanor under my name. Oh well. When life throws a curve ball at you, all you can really do is swing or get knocked out. Saturday rolled around, and I was just swiping some gel across the sides of my hair. It was date night.

Actually, it was my first date with my new girlfriend and I was looking to make an impression.Jessica and I met on the train at the start of the semester. We were reading the same book andaccidently picked up each other’s copy before leaving.

She followed me for about a block until I noticed her jogging up to me. She was frantically waving her arms in the air for attention and pointed at the book I was holding. I popped the left headphone out of my ear and examined the copy in my hand. The binding was un-creased and the cover edges too neat to belong to me.

The first page had her initials on them. My profuse apologies led us to introducing ourselves.I asked her why she literally ran after me for a book. She kind of took offense to that but explained she took important notes in the book and was prepping for a test.

We were in different majors, so we didn’t really get to see each other too often. We were still on the same campus, so one day, when I had the opportunity, I asked her out. I really liked her and was over the moon when she said yes to being my girlfriend. We still weren’t able to go out on a proper first date until a mutual friend in senior year invited us to a house party. The condition was that everyone had to bring something along.

Jessica and I were asked to get the liquor. In San Diego, It is no easy job. We had no idea how we were going to pull that one off. At first, I thought about making an excuse and not attending the party, but then how many first-years can say they’re friends with the coolest seniors? I know, it sounds clichéd, but at that point in time, being cool really mattered to me. So, I thought up a few scenarios on how I can purchase a couple of bottles from the store nearby. She slipped a Fake ID in my hand. It didn’t even look fake. It had to look real because if you are caugh with a Fake ID in California then, you will face some tougher legal consequences.

The person in the photo looked exactly like me and even had the same side part as I do. The address, the contact details, everything looked legit. As nervous as I was about getting caught, I decided to give it a go after a little persuasion from my girlfriend.

The night of the party showed up, and Jessica decided to drive me to the liquor store. I just sat in my seat twiddling my thumbs, mentally rehearsing what I’ll say when I meet the cashier guy.I stepped into the store.

It was about eight in the evening, and there were about a dozen people browsing about. But it couldn’t be worse than a nightmare when I noticed a cop in there. He was talking to someone right in front of the fridge where all the bottles were placed.

I got a text from Jessica asking me to turn around and come back, but I didn’t want to act conspicuous right in front of the guy. So, I went ahead and reached out for the bottles of liquor.The cop eyed me from head to toe for a couple of seconds and then asked me the dreaded question. I told him I was 21. Yeah, real smart, I know.

He asked to see my ID and I pulled out the fake one. He looked at me for a moment and back at the photo. He then handed it back to me and left. Can you believe it? That “fake” ID card was so real, it actually fooled a cop! Not only did that ID convince a police officer that I was adult enough to buy liquor, but it also passed the mental radars of that stern-looking cashier I was freaking out about. It was like nothing had happened.